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"Rites. Rites of passage: first: separation, then transition, and finally incorporation. Miatta Kawinzi puts her body out / there, pushes back profane space and invites you to join her on screen, in complex spaces assembled by the vibrations of string theory / her body the conductor of unusual monochordal tensions and supplications. The body implores appeals and climbs and moves in / always around edges: the edges of the screen, the edges of 3-D space, the edges of a presented virtuality, and she / it climbs and hangs on edges – the liminal space par excellence – pushing and pulling for the topological instant, the transition / the crossing of edges where ghosts await the new incorporation of vibrations – changing your time for the unknown factors – the string theory of an altered destiny – space for a new Atemwende, or Breathwork…”

- Dr. Michael Stone-Richards for Red Bull Arts, April 2019

Exhibition Text