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HD Color Video, Sound
16:9; 01:54 min. excerpt of 06:14 min.

This piece is a meditation on alternative temporalities of feeling, experience, and linguistic unfolding. Here movement (bodily, textual & spatial) becomes a way of thinking through questions of positionality regarding the self and environment. It was sparked by my participation in the Seminario Itinerante in the summer of 2016, an experimental group seminar organized through Beta-Local (San Juan, PR), and the experience of walking down the western coast of Puerto Rico & living outside immersed in its elements for a stretch of time. I seek to acknowledge the contradictions present in this contested landscape; the co-existence of beauty and disenfranchisement, of abundance and glaring lack. Tapping into the rhythm of dreaming and growth despite difficulty, this piece extends the resonance of these concepts to other internal and external landscapes.

Video, Sound, Text, Vocals: Miatta Kawinzi
“Estoy Aquí” - Vocals: Patricia Villalobos / Guitar: Seth Wulsin

Seminario Itinerante
Summer 2016
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Artist Residency
Fall 2016
Omaha, NE

Full screener available upon request.